A minimalistic head holder

Most users only take off the heads of their toothbrushes for replacing, or swapping between household members. The recommendation is to rinse the head and keep it off whenever the toothbrush is not in use to reduce the risk of bacteria build up from trapped water.

The brief for this short manufacturing project was to design an inexpensive injection moulded toothbrush head holder that could be given out by manufacturers.


I decide to design a single part that holds the head at an ideal angle for draining from the base and the bristles. The idea was to be elegant, but as minimal as possible, to both reduce costs and to not take focus away from the head itself.


Through sketched iteration, I landed on this antler design that used the weight of the head to hold itself in position. To physically this I made prototypes using a filament pen to test this design, doing so allowed for minor tweaks to be made by heating and reforming. The skeletal form was then covered in clay and painted to emulate an moulded plastic to evaluate the aesthetics of the design.

Once the design was chosen upon, it was modelled in Solidworks for evaluating the part’s mould ability. A major pain point was the food that needed a sufficient size weight to resist being knocked over. Some card were cut out and compared to determine a reasonable minimum size. To reduce warping at this foot , it was hollowed out underneath, this required adding a sliding core to the mould.


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